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When my animals started behaving differently, I made the decision to turn to a veterinarian for help. I wanted to figure out what had caused this sudden change in their behavior, but I wasn't really sure where to start. However, my veterinarian walked me through a long list of different problems it could be, and within days, I had narrowed down the problem to diffusing essential oils that they were allergic to in my home. After making that change, I felt better about their health. On this website, you will find all kinds of health tips regarding animal health, because their lives matter too.


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Boarding Your Senior Lab When He Has Hip Dysplasia

Sometimes there's no choice but to board your senior Labrador retriever when you must go on a trip. It can be difficult to leave them, so you want to do so in the most comfortable way possible. This is especially important when he suffers from hip dysplasia. If your lab boards regularly and the staff know him, your lab will know what to expect with the schedule. But if he's not a regular boarder or if it is his first time, there's some special considerations that you can ask for — especially in high-end facilities. Read More 

More Than Just A Well-Trimmed Coat: 3 Ways That Grooming Keeps Your Dog Healthier

Grooming your dog keeps their appearance looking tidy, leaves them smelling clean and gives you the chance to bond with your pet. However, regular grooming has another important benefit that often goes overlooked by pet owners—it helps to improve your dog's health. Avoiding matted fur keeps air circulating around the skin and can prevent skin conditions from developing, and regular grooming allows you to spot any that do develop as early as possible. Read More 

How To Protect Your Pet From Heatstroke This Summer

August is one of the hottest months of the year. Regardless of the exact time of year it is or how healthy your pet is, if it is summertime, it is imperative that you take care of your pet when out in the heat. When animals are exposed to excessively high temperatures, they may experience heatstroke, which can be a fatal condition where they are unable to moderate their body temperatures. Read More 

Wellness Tips For Your New Pet

Bringing home a new pet is exciting, but it also means an increase in your responsibilities. Ensuring your pet's health and wellness is hands down the most important of these responsibilities. The following guide can help you better understand what you need to monitor to ensure your new pet remains healthy and has a great quality of life. Follow the Vaccination and Check-up Schedule One of the first things you need to do is visit a vet to begin planning out the optimum pet wellness schedule. Read More 

Animal Boarding For Small And Exotic Animals

It's not hard to find an animal boarding solution for cats and dogs. But what if you have a snake, hamster, turtle, or other small or exotic animal? Many pet boarding facilities aren't adequately set up for small animals, and they may not have specialists who can take care of exotic animals. Here's what you need to know. Go to Your Vet First Your vet is most likely to be able to provide comprehensive animal boarding. Read More