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When my animals started behaving differently, I made the decision to turn to a veterinarian for help. I wanted to figure out what had caused this sudden change in their behavior, but I wasn't really sure where to start. However, my veterinarian walked me through a long list of different problems it could be, and within days, I had narrowed down the problem to diffusing essential oils that they were allergic to in my home. After making that change, I felt better about their health. On this website, you will find all kinds of health tips regarding animal health, because their lives matter too.


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Animal Boarding For Small And Exotic Animals

It's not hard to find an animal boarding solution for cats and dogs. But what if you have a snake, hamster, turtle, or other small or exotic animal? Many pet boarding facilities aren't adequately set up for small animals, and they may not have specialists who can take care of exotic animals. Here's what you need to know.

Go to Your Vet First

Your vet is most likely to be able to provide comprehensive animal boarding. If you have an exotic pet, you likely already have a vet who specializes in exotic pets. Using your vet as an animal boarder has a lot of advantages.

If your pet has any injuries or illnesses while you're gone, your vet will be able to respond quickly. You already have a preexisting relationship with your vet and you trust them, and you know that they can take care of your pet.

Inspect a Pet Boarding Facility Closely

If your vet doesn't provide animal boarding, a pet boarding facility may be necessary. It's important to ask a facility to show you what amenities they have for your small or exotic animal, and to prove that they've taken care of similar animals. 

Pets, such as snakes and lizards, often need very unique environments to survive. If the pet boarding facility doesn't have those items already there, then it's doubtful they will know enough to be able to keep your pet safe.

Consider Care Inside Your Own Home

You might want to consider asking someone to come into your home and take care of your pet rather than boarding, if you cannot board with your vet. While boarding with your vet is preferable, not all vets provide boarding services.

Care inside of your own home will ensure that your exotic animal still has the housing and environment that they have thrived in. Small animals are often skittish and anxious in new locations, and having them cared for inside your home can reduce a lot of disruption.

There are many pet sitter that will be able to come to your home to deliver care, but make sure it's someone you trust and that they come with references.

Small and exotic animals are as well-loved as more traditional pets, and it can be stressful leaving them behind if you don't know whether they'll be properly cared for. The best thing you can do is go to your vet first. If your vet doesn't provide animal boarding themselves, they may at least know of a trustworthy company that will be able to work with you. For more information, reach out to companies like Marquette Animal Hospital.