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When my animals started behaving differently, I made the decision to turn to a veterinarian for help. I wanted to figure out what had caused this sudden change in their behavior, but I wasn't really sure where to start. However, my veterinarian walked me through a long list of different problems it could be, and within days, I had narrowed down the problem to diffusing essential oils that they were allergic to in my home. After making that change, I felt better about their health. On this website, you will find all kinds of health tips regarding animal health, because their lives matter too.


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Why You Should Take Your Dog To The Veterinary Clinic For Shots

Your dog should always be current on its vaccinations. Having your dog vaccinated is the best way for you to go when it comes to preventing them from catching a serious illness. Some people try to save money by purchasing some of the vaccinations themselves and giving their dogs the shots. However, there are a lot of reasons why you don't want to go this route. Here are just some of the reasons why taking your dog to a veterinarian clinic for vaccinations is the best thing to do: 

High-Quality Vaccinations

Making sure the vaccinations aren't expired isn't the only worry you need to have. You also need to know that the vaccinations you give your dog were stored at the right temperature. The vet's clinic will have vaccinations that are stored just how they are supposed to be. However, buying the shots from another source means that you are taking a chance the shots weren't always refrigerated at the right temperature, and the shots may end up not protecting your dog. 

Correct Placement

Just because you can give your dog their shots doesn't mean you are doing it correctly. Something the veterinary staff does when they are giving shots is to aspirate and this means they pull back slightly on the plunger to make sure there is no blood, so they know the needle is in the muscle and not a vein. Many people who give their dogs their shots themselves don't know about this step. Also, it can be easy to go through one side of a puppy's neck and out the other with the needle, squirting the liquid on the floor without even realizing it. These are just a couple of examples of things that can go wrong.

Guaranteed Shots

Some of the manufacturers of dog shots will guarantee the shots. The way they do this is if a dog that has been correctly vaccinated with their shots at a vet's clinic ends up getting the illness anyway, then the manufacturer will pick up the cost of treatment. This is a huge reason why you should be taking your dog to the vet when it is time for vaccinations. 

Early Detections

When you take your dog to the vet for their shots, it gives the vet the chance to examine your dog to make sure it appears to be in good health. There are conditions or issues that the vet may see that concern them. They will let you know what their concerns are so you can make an appointment to have your dog thoroughly examined and know any problems they may have are being found earlier on than if you waited until you saw symptoms yourself to get them into see the vet.